VA055 Avatism – Adamant Remixes II

Hey everyone,

It’s me again. I’m sipping coffee and staring at this Mac’s calendar, suddenly realising it’s already been more than 4 months since the release of “Adamant”. I think thank-yous are way overdue so I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone involved in the project as these have been a really amazing four months.

Enough nonsense and let’s back to business, or the purpose of this text: I (drumroll) proudly present the final 5 re-interpretations from some talented friends.
It’s an honour for me to have Francesco’s techno, David’s modular madness, Jake’s synthwork and Martin’s melodies all in one package, but being both fan and friend of everyone on board I’d be blatantly biased in describing this record’s contents. So, since it’s 2014, why don’t we switch banalities, skip the “description” and “let the music do the talking” (ugh, did I really just write that?)

Thank you all!

PS. Seriously, does anyone read these anymore?


VA053 Quantum Entanglement – The Effects Can Last Forever

Quantum Entanglement is one of the strangest phenomena in the Universe, overcoming barriers of space and time and knitting the entire cosmos into an integrated whole.

Fin Greenall (Fink, Sideshow) and myself Lee Jones (Hefner, MyMy) met at college in the early nineties and played a lot of chess to the soundtrack of Aphex Twin and Future Sound of London. Fin taught me the guitar. I taught Fin Cubase. We shared our first releases together as EVA on Kickin’ Records, then Ninja Tune. I started a band, Hefner, while Fin was mainly a DJ. Then we switched. Fin became a singer-songwriter, I moved to Berlin and formed MyMy with Nick Höppner, then started to DJ.

We followed our own paths which have often crossed, remixing each other’s music, helping each other with our writing, and releasing on Aus Music (which Fin started with Will Saul), but we’ve always wanted to really collaborate again.

Between my studio in Berlin, Fin’s studio in Brighton, and various studios, hotels and airports around the world, that project has finally taken the shape of Quantum Entanglement. Two separate worlds linked by friendship and a feeling that goes back to those early days of ambient, dub, chess and incense, now made possible by the internet. Files, old tracks, samples and words are flying back and forth, eventually forming 2 versions of a song. Heads and Tails. Question and Response. Move and Counter-Move. The game has begun.

Lee Jones, Berlin, October 2013

VA052 Avatism – Adamant Remixes I

So here I am, happily an album older, introducing the first of Adamant’s remix packages.

Since the whole project was, generally-speaking, “a personal affair” and a lot of the album was not necessarily “club-ready” (does that even make sense?), we invited our friends on board to do the dirty deeds for me and rework my sounds into something normal people can dance to.

First up are Mind Against. I’ve known these guys for a long time, and despite them being somewhat “new” to the scene, I clearly remember them fiddling around with cheap cracked software like the rest of us Milanese idiots around the same time. Matured into true synth magicians, they’ve been years in the making and, if you ask me, it shows.

Next is Alex Smoke, who I believe needs no introduction. Probably one of my biggest influences, I have been a fan for ages and he is the reason I discovered Vakant. In case you’ve been living under a rock, after a little break he’s now back with a bang, responsible for probably one of the year’s best LPs (as Wraetlic), an outstanding EP on the legendary R&S and now this. I’ve had the pleasure of finally meeting and hanging out with Alex a few times while we were both living in Berlin and I have to say he’s exactly as awesome. His remix totally destroys my original, which I thought sounded “fat” but now sounds like a skinny girl in Barbie clothes in comparison.

Lake People (actually just one Lake Person, Martin Enke) is another really nice guy who just happens to make great music. After months of people telling me I should check his stuff out, mentioning we had a lot of things (sound-wise) in common, I had the pleasure of playing after him in Paris. His liveset totally rocked the place and I’ve been a fan since, so it was a pleasure to have him on board.

Last but not least, new Vakant boys Sons of Tiki round off the package with a club-oriented version of “Blackened”.

I guess that’s all. I’m not very good at this marketing hype thing, and upon re-reading this it actually made little sense, nor is it particularly inviting. Whatever the case I hope you enjoy listening, playing or partying to this as much as we did making it: I assure you the music is better than this writing.


VA Podcast 21 – Alex Smoke’s 2 Broken Arms And A Hearing Aid Mix

VACD06 Avatism – Adamant

Thomas Feriero aka Avatism is set to release his debut album ADAMANT on Vakant on Oktober 28th! The album will be surrounded by 2 EPs with remixes to come from Alex Smoke, Mind Against, Lake People, DeWalta & Sons of Tiki!

Check the extensive album release tour.

Pre-order CD on Distributed by wordandsound.

For over 12 months Thomas Feriero AKA Avatism, our friend and label partner, has been staying at home and working on his album. He moved to Berlin to work on it and now sadly (for us) yet (gladly) for him he is moving back to Milan. Poof! Just Like that. So what did this year entail exactly?

Well for some of us not much. We got to see him in his studio comfy pants a couple of times (he wears slippers) we heard his studio woes, ate pasta with him, drank beers and of course got to hear his album at every juncture. While this self-imposed exile may have been a little worrisome the result is fortunately spectacular. Adamant is a glimpse into how a city shapes a life and how intrinsically life then shapes music.

It’s less than 2 years since his first gig yet in that time he’s managed to craft killer EPs on Vakant and Dumb Unit, collaborated with Clockwork & Mind Against (who both make appearances on the album) played diverse shows including SONAR By Night and generally had a really good run at it all.

While many would be content simply continuing on this already exciting path, Thomas decided that Adamant was a chance to explore other forms of writing production & collaboration and imposed strict conditions so that Adamant would evolve differently than his earlier works.

“I imposed mandates on myself while making it: The tracks (the music, at least) had to be written in a day. “Written”, not mixed, arranged or produced, simply “written” and even though I was convinced the album was going into a different/wrong direction approximately 292829 times while making it I decided to follow through on all the musical parts that I developed in these one day cycles.”

As an artist and friend it is alway inspiring to see something take shape from its single (Logic) cell beginnings to the ornate abstractness where it now resides. It is an album that exudes a depth and immediacy, the restrictions and exile only strengthening Thomas’ depth and detailing. The uncertainty, the melancholy, the general studio stink now neatly wrapped into a glittering whole that we’re pretty confident the world will enjoy.

Jeremy P Caulfield

Adamant has been mixed by Hannes Bieger / Calyx and mastered by Andreas Kauffelt / Schnittstelle.

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19.04.2014, 9 1/2 Years Vakant, Watergate, Berlin

with Clockwork & Avatism (live), Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (live), Quantum Entanglement (decks ‘n fx), Cesare vs Disorder, Russ Yallop, Nico Purman & Sons of Tiki

29.08.2014, Vakant Night, Forty Five Club, Hasselt, Belgium

with Mathias Kaden, Sons of Tiki & Ugur Yurt