V.A. – Family Values (VA034)

  1. va034_cover Nico Purman – Xpress Yourself
  2. Tolga Fidan – Linnz
  3. Alex Smoke – I73-Night
  4. DeWalta – Stringer Bell
  5. Robag Wruhme – Kuttenrolch 1996
  6. Anthony Collins – Boys S.times Cry
  7. Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit 2010
  8. Dario Zenker – Apollo 910

Tis the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts socked footwear combinations?

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Robag Wruhme – Abusus Adde (VA028)

  1. va028 Hodgkin Mopp
  2. Ruptur Oing
  3. Fufo2

Hello! Oing oing! Nuff nuff! In information like these always in it that is the record of the insanity and since longer becomes then always most announced dj´s down specified those part loves, as good judges or the record stands before the gebimmsle to have held itself because sooooo geil.

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Robag Wruhme – Stekkrüben EP (VA002)

  1. va002 Stekkrübe
  2. Waffelekkspander
  3. Gnomon Lukks

Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme. What more can be said of this man responsible for lighting dance-floors and minds on fire for the better part of 2004. The Twisted, funky legend from Jena is back, and this time he´s delivering 3 tracks of cut up, hypnotic funk like never before. Purveyor of the goods is Berlin upstart label vakant who only a few months ago exploded onto the scene with a killer Alex Smoke EP : Simple Things..

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