Sons of Tiki – Seven Changes (VA049)

For everything there is a first time: making your first track, releasing a first record, and writing a press-sheet for the first time. One a bit more exciting than the other 😉 As words are not so important, and only the music counts, we still wanted to give you a bit more insight into our tracks. So here we go:

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Mathias Kaden

Whether it is Opening, Primetime or Aftershow, Mathias Kaden’s intuition for the crowd and location, proves each time again that he lives for his profession. His music is both, distinctly ambitious and refreshing. Following the House music of the 90s, he works thoroughly to create new sound structures. For a while, he has been using different types of percussion elements. The result is an enjoyable rhythm, which communicates with its audience in a very particular way. In a playful approach, he creates an incredible repertoire of feelings that reproduces within the crowd. Mathias’ various sets include the following sound features: funky, freaky, dashing, dub, slamming, enriched by African and South American percussions.

Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes #3 (VR08)

The third and final remix package for Mathias Kaden’s masterpiece album ‘Studio 10’ comes along with two reworks of Mathias’ Vakant label mates Onur Özer and DeWalta.

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V.A. – Family Values EP (VA034)

After the digital release of the 8-track ‚Family Values’ compilation late summer this year, Vakant is ready to follow up with a ‘Family Values EP’ on vinyl this autumn. 4 selected tracks have made it onto the black gold, even we`re loving each tune like a mother loves her umh.. eight children.

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V.A. – Family Values (VA034)

  1. va034_cover Nico Purman – Xpress Yourself
  2. Tolga Fidan – Linnz
  3. Alex Smoke – I73-Night
  4. DeWalta – Stringer Bell
  5. Robag Wruhme – Kuttenrolch 1996
  6. Anthony Collins – Boys S.times Cry
  7. Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit 2010
  8. Dario Zenker – Apollo 910

Tis the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts socked footwear combinations?

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Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes #2 (VR07)

After dropping the first package (Dj Koze and AFFKT) last month, here’s another set of splendid remixes for Mathias Kaden’s highly acclaimed album ‘Studio 10’. Luna City Express & Matthias Tanzmann and Wareika are the chosen ones for remix package #2!

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Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes #1 (VR06)

Late in 2009 Mathias Kaden’s debut album ‘Studio 10’ was released and a flood of attention ensued. The readers from Groove, Germany’s most important music magazine, voted ‘Studio 10’ the top album of the year. Correspondingly it also received a flood of positive feedback from the scene’s most important DJs. Overall no small feat in todays crowded market.

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Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 (VA030/VACD04)

The Thunder from Thuringia, Genosse from Gera, Mr. Minimal Samba, the man that goes by many names is here to present to us his very first LP on none other than his solo action Vakant home. About 2 years in the making, Studio 10 takes Mathias Kaden’s life-long work as DJ and producer, world wide tours, twenty something years of listening and thinking, machines and people, wraps a bow around it all, and delivers it with roses dipped in chocolate. Always taking his time with production, Mathias’ focus on quality over quantity continues to pay dividends no matter the state of the economy.

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Mathias Kaden – Moron/Shetani (VA023)

It seems like just yesterday. We were all fresh faced, eager, and earnest. It was 2004 and Vakant was on the offensive. First it was Smoke, then Robag, next came Mathias. A roster was developed, a platform born. Since then, so much has happened, so many a strobe light twinkled, and so many people we’ve freaked out globally.

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Onur Özer/Mathias Kaden – 2000 And One/Daniel Stefanik Remixes (VR03)

  1. vr03 Red Cabaret (2000 And One Remix)
  2. Synkope (Daniel Stefanik Remix)

Vakant, based in the shadowy hedonic capital of Berlin, once again calls out to its sunlight fearing brood to unite and rejoice in their salvation. The freaky dual podium of Vakant and remix-only Vakant R continues to deliver its message of solemn tomfoolery and whimsical gravity with its latest VR03.

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Mathias Kaden – Myal EP (VA015)

Our man from Gera, with a smile that melts the hearts of Justin Timberlake fans the world over, returns with his 4th installment on Vakant. Team Vakant’s now infamous wild expeditions to the Sub-Saharan Dark Continent as well as to the International Space Station (ISS) have surely paid off yielding crazy mutated fruits of both dark guttural rhythms and mind bending expansive space resonances.

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Mathias Kaden & Onur Özer – Momentum (VACD01)


It’s been a busy couple of years for Berlin’s Vakant label. Kicking off in October 2004 with Alex Smoke’s Simple Things EP, Vakant has gone to strength to strength, releasing a tightly curated set of records from new talents (Onur Özer, Tolga Fidan) and old hands (Robag Wruhme, Mathias Kaden) alike, as well as launching the remix sublabel Vakant R and the audiovisual division VX.

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Onur Özer/Mathias Kaden – Twilight/Pentaton Remixes (VR01)

  1. vr01 Onur Özer – Twilight (Mathias Kaden Remix)
  2. Mathias Kaden – Pentaton (Onur Özer Remix)

P. Diddy may have, ahem, “invented the remix,” but now Berlin’s Vakant label is turning the concept on its head – using the remix to (re)-invent the label itself. Vakant R is the newest addition to the imprint’s crowded house; alongside the parent label and audio-visual offshoot Vakant X, Vakant R rounds out the minimalist trinity with a stunning debut release featuring Mathias Kaden and Onur Özer going head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle of the remixes.

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Mathias Kaden – Pentaton EP (VA007)

The young gun is back and is # 1 with a bullet. After his fabulous Circle Pit EP ; the much talked about newcomer Mathias Kaden is putting his money where his mouth is with this monster EP. The Pentaton EP is another twisted rumble through dark and bleepy terrain. This time Mathias steps up the swing and shuffles you furiously around the room like a drunk sailor on a sinking ship. Deep bleep to move the most hardened partyier. Check!

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Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit EP (VA004)

Quickly developing a name for tough groovy minimal with a glitch edge the Berlin based label vakant once again delivers some hot wax in our laps for the coming summer months. This time it’s Mathias Kaden, the 24 year old DJ, producer and resident of the excellent Muna club in eastern Germany in the pilot’s seat. Launching 3 refined micro bombs for our listening enjoyment the ´Circle Pit EP´ is well tuned and energetic with its own distinctive appeal.

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