Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes #3 (VR08)

The third and final remix package for Mathias Kaden’s masterpiece album ‘Studio 10’ comes along with two reworks of Mathias’ Vakant label mates Onur Özer and DeWalta.

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Onur Özer – Kaşmir Remixes #2 (VR05)

The mind melt keeps melting. Pretty soon we will just be puddles of freaky essential oils, reduced down to our effervescent essence, like jasmine, or dry Kool-Aid. Of course we are talking about Onur Özer’s album Kaşmir, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Onur Özer – Kaşmir Remixes (VR04)

  1. vr04 Onur Özer – Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
  2. Onur Özer – Sahara (Jens Zimmermann Remix)

Hot off the heels of Onur Özer’s most excellent mind melt album Kaşmir, released October of 2007, comes the reinterpretations on Vakant’s VR division. Wonderfully thought out, VR handles remixes exclusively leaving Vakant itself pure to its artists. This constellation leaves everyone free to the corruption of their fancy, allowing the artists to choose their own remixers.

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Onur Özer/Mathias Kaden – 2000 And One/Daniel Stefanik Remixes (VR03)

  1. vr03 Red Cabaret (2000 And One Remix)
  2. Synkope (Daniel Stefanik Remix)

Vakant, based in the shadowy hedonic capital of Berlin, once again calls out to its sunlight fearing brood to unite and rejoice in their salvation. The freaky dual podium of Vakant and remix-only Vakant R continues to deliver its message of solemn tomfoolery and whimsical gravity with its latest VR03.

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Onur Özer – Kaşmir (VA016/VACD02)

  1. va016 Eclipse
  2. Innervoice
  3. Terpsichorean Echoes
  4. Sahara
  5. Traumbone
  6. Astronomy Glance
  7. Seraglio
  8. Aida

The currents of influence that have shaped Istanbul for thousands of years continue to flow today in the only city in the world situated on two continents. At this crossroad the ´Queen of Cities´ has sat while Arabic, Persian, and European waves of influence surged and receded. In these tides Onur Özer was born and raised and in his coming LP ´Kaşmir´, they all come radiating through.

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Onur Özer – Red Cabaret EP (VA012)

  1. va012 Red Cabaret (Overture)
  2. Orion
  3. Allegro Energico

There’s a saying in poker “If you can’t tell who the sucker at the table is then it’s probably you”. What does this have to do with this release, very little actually, but all eyes should be on Onur Özer as he’s doubling up.. and if you think he¹s playing the same hand as last time then your about to lose your pants..

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Mathias Kaden & Onur Özer – Momentum (VACD01)


It’s been a busy couple of years for Berlin’s Vakant label. Kicking off in October 2004 with Alex Smoke’s Simple Things EP, Vakant has gone to strength to strength, releasing a tightly curated set of records from new talents (Onur Özer, Tolga Fidan) and old hands (Robag Wruhme, Mathias Kaden) alike, as well as launching the remix sublabel Vakant R and the audiovisual division VX.

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Onur Özer/Mathias Kaden – Twilight/Pentaton Remixes (VR01)

  1. vr01 Onur Özer – Twilight (Mathias Kaden Remix)
  2. Mathias Kaden – Pentaton (Onur Özer Remix)

P. Diddy may have, ahem, “invented the remix,” but now Berlin’s Vakant label is turning the concept on its head – using the remix to (re)-invent the label itself. Vakant R is the newest addition to the imprint’s crowded house; alongside the parent label and audio-visual offshoot Vakant X, Vakant R rounds out the minimalist trinity with a stunning debut release featuring Mathias Kaden and Onur Özer going head-to-head in a no-holds-barred battle of the remixes.

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Onur Özer – Twilight EP (VA008)

  1. va008 Twilight
  2. Gizeh
  3. Lotus

Onur Özer was rated one of Groove Magazine´s up and comers for 2005, now he returns with another stellar EP for Vakant. At only 25 years old the minimal assailant is back to claim another dance floor victim.  Already broken in on the dance floors of his residency at Indigo Music Hall in Istanbul the Twilight EP is sure to put you in your place. So sit down and pay attention!

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Onur Özer – Envy EP (VA005)

  1. va005 Envy
  2. Superfunk
  3. Maze

Been a long time gone, Constantinople… Straight out of Turkey, Onur Özer is the 25 year old minimal invader with agility and skill to match. Take a look under the surface of this gentle resident of the Indigo Music Hall in Istanbul and what you get is one lean minimal tech machine. Already causing a storm on the vista with his Freakdisco EP on Freude Am Tanzen, Onur is now ready to conquer even more hearts and minds as part of infamous vakant brigade.

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