Onur Özer – Envy EP (VA005)

  1. va005 Envy
  2. Superfunk
  3. Maze

Been a long time gone, Constantinople… Straight out of Turkey, Onur Özer is the 25 year old minimal invader with agility and skill to match. Take a look under the surface of this gentle resident of the Indigo Music Hall in Istanbul and what you get is one lean minimal tech machine. Already causing a storm on the vista with his Freakdisco EP on Freude Am Tanzen, Onur is now ready to conquer even more hearts and minds as part of infamous vakant brigade.

Onur is on automatic, with the Envy EP, every sample and edit leads the way to new worlds. Pause and reflect before you get shot back into some of the most irresistible, driving and intricate beats out there. Needing your minimal far-out and hyper? Side A is the ticket. Witness Onur raw and uncompromising on ´Envy´, bursting at the seams with energy it will deliver you to never-never land with no coming back. When you need to rest, then take in Side B with ´Maze´ & ´Superfunk´, where Onur lays on layers and layers of wignomyesque reverbs to deliver a rich and satisfying slab of glitched out funk. Terrific encoding, super communicable bass lines and a varnish of raw edits makes the Onur Özer – Envy EP one for the box ..