Alex Smoke – Shwingnut EP (VA006.1)

The unstoppable Glaswegian Alex Smoke returns to Vakant with a double blow of mutant weird-groove minimalism. Alex has been wowing the clubs and festivals of europe this summer with his mindblowing live set and here showcases some of the prime cuts over two separate twelves.

First up is the ‘Shwingnut EP’, here Alex opts for advanced tricky rhythms to deliver three superior slices of reduced funk. ‘Serious Like Plague’ comes on like a schizoid Sleep Archive release, dense, moody and guaranteed to infect the dancefloor. Following on the flip is the sub-aquatic ‘What Can I Say’. This erratic mind-melt bubbles with a tripped out groove. Concluding the EP is the raw and discordant ‘Wingnut’ – a spangled classic from his live set.

The following release is the ‘Shminimal EP’. With this twelve alex really explores the parameters of his unique sound and delivers three club killers. The EP begins with the anthemic ‘Titti’, here he builds a relentless, driving groove with a penetrating bassline and scuzzy melody. Next is ‘TV Is Pish’ a demented discoid cut-up that freaks irresistably. The pulsing ‘Slippers & Slappers’ growls this superb EP to its conclusion.

Alex Smoke continues to go from strenth to strength. Look out for his new album Spring 2006 on Soma.