VA – 10 Years Part II (VA060)

So here I am.. after having forced Vakant’s artists to write their own press releases a few years ago, since I think this has a more personal approach besides that everyone is tired of the usual press blurbs, I do not get around to draft something for this 10 Years Vakant compilation by myself.

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Avatism – Adamant Remixes I (VA052)

So here I am, happily an album older, introducing the first of Adamant’s remix packages.

Since the whole project was, generally-speaking, “a personal affair” and a lot of the album was not necessarily “club-ready” (does that even make sense?), we invited our friends on board to do the dirty deeds for me and rework my sounds into something normal people can dance to.

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V.A. – Family Values EP (VA034)

After the digital release of the 8-track ‚Family Values’ compilation late summer this year, Vakant is ready to follow up with a ‘Family Values EP’ on vinyl this autumn. 4 selected tracks have made it onto the black gold, even we`re loving each tune like a mother loves her umh.. eight children.

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V.A. – Family Values (VA034)

  1. va034_cover Nico Purman – Xpress Yourself
  2. Tolga Fidan – Linnz
  3. Alex Smoke – I73-Night
  4. DeWalta – Stringer Bell
  5. Robag Wruhme – Kuttenrolch 1996
  6. Anthony Collins – Boys S.times Cry
  7. Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit 2010
  8. Dario Zenker – Apollo 910

Tis the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts socked footwear combinations?

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Alex Smoke – Hanged Man EP (VA013)

Freak Funk? Cracker Krunk? Mini Dank House? While we don’t know what to call it, we know it´s damn good. Innit? Ok ok, while filed under “minimal techno” for facilitation of mass consumption, don’t assume you know what to expect from this newest installment from young Scotsman Alex Smoke, the first on Vakant since December 2005 under his O.G. moniker. Since slapping the minimal scene on the proverbial arse a few years ago with releases on Vakant and Soma, Alex has wowed both techno nerds and high heel handbag femmes the world over with his formidable mix of throw-me-your-expensive-bra-but-only-if-its-sweaty techno.

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Alex Smoke/Tolga Fidan (VR02)

On the second release from its remix imprint VR, Berlin’s Vakant label comes with the goods, turning out what might be its most far-out release to date – and at the same time, its most punishingly effective. Going head to head, Glasgow’s Alex Smoke and Paris’ Tolga Fidan tackle each other’s tracks, twisting up knotty rhythms and gauzy electro-acoustic sounds into a battered syntax that expresses one thing: move. This is the real freaky-deeky, and the season’s dancefloors will never again be the same.

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Quixote – Pap And Fickle EP (VA010)

Vakant returns with a new chapter of scuzzy techno from Alex Smoke under his new Quixote guise. Alex Smoke has had a phenomenal year so far with the release of his ´Paradolia´ album on Soma. For his vakant productions he has opted to record under the Quixote pseudynom as his output for the two labels has naturally developed in different directions. For vakant he has always explored the darker aspects of his sound and the Quixote productions will represent this.

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Alex Smoke – Ring.Click.Tink. EP (VA003)

Glasgow’s minimal madman Alex Smoke returns to vakant with five brand new blasts of schizoid techno. He is building a reputation as one of the most innovative electronic producers around and his recent ‘Incommunicado’ album on Soma has been regarded as an outstanding debut across the board. His productions on vakant are more deranged and demented than his Soma output, and his ‘Simple Things’ EP kicked off the label in fine style last year.

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