Alex Smoke – Mu EP (VA048)

Hello listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies and prisoners,

This is the future of the music industry. Not the music, just the idea of the artists writing their own PR faffle. Next year I’ll probably have to carry my own bags on tour too.. tragic.

I have had a few years of working on other projects and shuffling about in loose trousers, but now I feel the time has come to release some more music for feet and floors. What I should say is that every time I tried to write techno/house/moonbeat in the last couple of years, everything came out as shitty tech-house.. The brain was just in an alternate mode, a mode for classical music and melody, but now it seems to have come back to techno so I here present some of its recent outpourings.

It belched out Polka the first night I got back to Scotland, having left London. Baba Yaga is named after a sinister-as-hell witch from a Russian story book we had as kids (check clearly designed to traumatise young minds. My traumatised mind made this tune, so it has come full circle. Mu is slower, for lazy, emotional dancers.

I hope you will enjoy them and the excellent Sons of Tiki mix of Polka that accompanies them.

Send all hate mail to Vakant, I don’t read it.