Semper Memor

While we’re having a little Summer break to work on new music, we’d like to introduce you to Semper Memor. A label we’ve been running semi-officially for a while and which just had its 5th release. All featured artists do also appear on Vakant. Kader Yani aka Tolga FidanAnonym under his DLS moniker, Solune as Uqbar (from Non-Operational People) and with remixes from Dexter.KlaksonKenneth Scott & Chris Mitchell.
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VA – 10 Years Part I (VA059)

So here I am.. after having forced Vakant’s artists to write their own press releases a few years ago, since I think this has a more personal approach besides that everyone is tired of the usual press blurbs, I do not get around to draft something for this 10 Years Vakant compilation by myself.

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In recent times it has been fashionable for European producers to try and recreate the classic sounds of Detroit. The true vibe and feel can surely only come from the City itself? As his name suggests, whilst we know very little about Anonym, we do know that he hails from the legendary Motor City, and the true essence of his home town can be heard and felt in his music. Classic sounds constructed with a modern touch. Gritty, raw and crying out for sweaty basements.