Semper Memor

While we’re having a little Summer break to work on new music, we’d like to introduce you to Semper Memor. A label we’ve been running semi-officially for a while and which just had its 5th release. All featured artists do also appear on Vakant. Kader Yani aka Tolga FidanAnonym under his DLS moniker, Solune as Uqbar (from Non-Operational People) and with remixes from Dexter.KlaksonKenneth Scott & Chris Mitchell.
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VA – 10 Years Part I (VA059)

So here I am.. after having forced Vakant’s artists to write their own press releases a few years ago, since I think this has a more personal approach besides that everyone is tired of the usual press blurbs, I do not get around to draft something for this 10 Years Vakant compilation by myself.

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Tolga Fidan

Hailing from Paris via London via Istanbul, don’t call our multi instrumentalist French. Born and raised in Istanbul, studied in London, and relocated to Paris in 2005, Tolga Fidan considers himself Turkish above all else. At just 14, Tolga was playing bass and guitar in post rock bands. Always drawn to experimental music, he was taken with the sounds of Sonic Youth, Autechre, Pansonic, and Austrian experimentalists Fennesz. From this past, Tolga’s musical interest organically morphed into deep techno, he signed with Vakant, being one of the first artists of the label. Tolga is now also releasing on a number of outlets, some officially and some not.

Tolga Fidan – We’re Strangers Now (VA037)

I just woke up and it’s pretty cold outside. I haven’t opened the window yet, but I somehow know it and I’m listening to these six tracks again and try to make an approximation of why and how I have done this EP. They are pretty different from each other but tell the same story or at least are part of the same one as a matter of fact.

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V.A. – Family Values (VA034)

  1. va034_cover Nico Purman – Xpress Yourself
  2. Tolga Fidan – Linnz
  3. Alex Smoke – I73-Night
  4. DeWalta – Stringer Bell
  5. Robag Wruhme – Kuttenrolch 1996
  6. Anthony Collins – Boys S.times Cry
  7. Mathias Kaden – Circle Pit 2010
  8. Dario Zenker – Apollo 910

Tis the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts socked footwear combinations?

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Tolga Fidan & Anthony Collins – Violente/La Cadence (VA026)

Vakant youngblood experimentalist Tolga Fidan has teamed up with fellow Parisian melting pot resident Anthony Collins to bring us a double A-side EP of corpulent proportions. Despite different backgrounds, ethnicities, and migratory patterns, the two seem perfectly synched up. Coming out of the sessions the two had while Tolga co-produced Anthony’s upcoming album on Freak n’ Chic, this EP snuggles with both live musician’s and studio nerd’s girlfriends; all parts were played andor synthesized live.

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Tolga Fidan – All Pleasure Is Relief EP (VA018)

Indubitably talented Tolga Fidan returns for his 3rd EP on Berlin’s fulcrum of funkified tomfoolery, Vakant Heavy Industries. Zee young Frenchman by way of first Istanbul and then London has again taken his varied past to transgress genre and fused flavors to birth a creation that would make even the Iron Chef shiver with inferiority.

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Tolga Fidan – Venice/Tanbulistan (VA014)

Explainable only by a profuse amount of talent, Tolga Fidan blazed into the collective techno consciousness with his first EP “Now I’m Weak” delivering sophistication and unbelievable production quality from bedroom studio means. Now exactly one year after his debut, our young Parisian presents the double A side ´Venice/Tanbulistan´, his second release for Vakant and the rest of the universe.

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Alex Smoke/Tolga Fidan (VR02)

On the second release from its remix imprint VR, Berlin’s Vakant label comes with the goods, turning out what might be its most far-out release to date – and at the same time, its most punishingly effective. Going head to head, Glasgow’s Alex Smoke and Paris’ Tolga Fidan tackle each other’s tracks, twisting up knotty rhythms and gauzy electro-acoustic sounds into a battered syntax that expresses one thing: move. This is the real freaky-deeky, and the season’s dancefloors will never again be the same.

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Tolga Fidan – Now I´m Weak EP (VA009)

Pop a Dramamine, slap a patch behind your ear, and grab ahold of the railing, because Tolga Fidan’s debut EP “Now I´m Weak” lurches like a dinghy on the high seas. (Might as well throw on a slicker, too, because you’re gonna get wet.) You haven’t heard a synth swell as seasick as the one on “Abstract Prologues” since Motiivi:Tuntematon’s sinking tanker of a track, “1939.” But as woozily as this 12″ rolls, it never loses its grip on the floor: all three tracks are solidly grounded in the blunt, toe-stubbing funk that’s become a trademark of Berlin’s Vakant label, home to mega-talents of minimal like Alex Smoke, Mathias Kaden, Onur Özer, and Robag Wruhme.

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