Tolga Fidan & Anthony Collins – Violente/La Cadence (VA026)

Vakant youngblood experimentalist Tolga Fidan has teamed up with fellow Parisian melting pot resident Anthony Collins to bring us a double A-side EP of corpulent proportions. Despite different backgrounds, ethnicities, and migratory patterns, the two seem perfectly synched up. Coming out of the sessions the two had while Tolga co-produced Anthony’s upcoming album on Freak n’ Chic, this EP snuggles with both live musician’s and studio nerd’s girlfriends; all parts were played andor synthesized live.

‘Violente’ is up first, starting off as a thick bopping drum do. It evokes Max Roach hanging out with Larry Levan in modern day Berlin clubland, obi-wan hologram style, presiding over us. Pianos and strings finish things off buttery smooth.

‘La Cadence’ thumps it out in all the ways that feel good. Good like doughnuts, jazz, bikinis, Latin percussion, and stars. Fidan and Collins bring it all together complete with live and personal interludes. Its music you can play at the club or at home for grandma. She’ll dance too, courtesy of your freaky friends at Vakant.