Nico Purman – Euphrasia EP (VA025)

Who said techno isn’t seasonal? Summer’s ebullience must invariably lead to winter’s depravity. Short days, collapsing economies, and assorted mavericks have set the mood for the return of Argentinean Nico Purman, our winter cycle heavy hitter, with his second EP on Vakant since last January’s Tuesday EP (VA 017).

A-side ‘Euphrasia’ is your very own space tourism trip minus the Soyuz-FG rocket and associated $25 million price tag. Are we going to make it to the International Space Station? Will we break up in the upper atmosphere? Will there be a FSB agent waiting for us in the ISS? All good questions. Nico’s got the ascension covered here, complete with drama, apprehension, and aerospace wizardry.

B1 ‘My Own Band’ provides reassured relief after finally docking with the Pirs module only to find a bunch of inebriated astronauts complete with hydroponics and atomizers. Space is indeed fun and full of love and melody.

With B2 ‘Da Roots’, Nico proves once and for all that there are indeed Africans in space, and they probably spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago. ‘Da Roots’ jacks as robustly as a solid Kazakh Steppe landing. Plump and stout, Nico’s B2 celebrates earth and space at once with feet firmly on the ground staring back up yearning for the next ride.