Dario Zenker – Would Be Nice EP (VA027)

Munich man Dario Zenker is back again for his second Vakant EP following 2008’s ‘Sam Und Er/Womde!’ (VA019). Still fresh faced and just as hungry, Dario continues to bring the Bavarian goods to our freaky masses.

A side ‘Would Be Nice’ makes more twists and turns than a sausage factory while consistently pumping out the mystery meat thick and juicy. If you want freak, thump, space, expanse, its all here.

B1 ‘Blue Champa’ is perhaps more on the vegetarian tip: light, nutritious, guilt free and always leaving you a little hungry. Fun and bouncy, ‘Blue Champa’ easily proves that you don’t need to eat meat to get phat.

At B2 position you will find ‘While Rain Gets Air’. We have no idea what Dario means here but if you were asking yourself “where’s that track on this Vakant record that wont let close my eyes at night cause I heard this track at 7am and I’m still a little freaked out,” this is it. Listeners beware.