Robag Wruhme – Abusus Adde (VA028)

  1. va028 Hodgkin Mopp
  2. Ruptur Oing
  3. Fufo2

Hello! Oing oing! Nuff nuff! In information like these always in it that is the record of the insanity and since longer becomes then always most announced dj´s down specified those part loves, as good judges or the record stands before the gebimmsle to have held itself because sooooo geil.

Now I would like to point out with these info. That this is a completely normal accumulation of music pieces here. I have the conventional added like bass, one drum, few hihats and in such a way taken and have then still in black white gepatscht around also somewhat scape to get purely. Reverbs I as always tidy aufgeruppt, decays in the infinite getunt and becomes green level-indicate gives it for me nich! … three pieces thus with which I very much exerted! Superior material is from it as I finds become! This is valid to flock it now with you. eMail writes me!!!! There I stand totally drauf!

Achso… like Steve Nose already meant: … B2 is always the best piece on ner record (correct!), Ricardo meant: all somewhat too hectically although A1 of lengthens “genuinly schön” would be, Richie has itself not yet announced… (think he stands not drauf) and it meant it more Svenner gespührt. And DJ Koze: I do not understand that, but you have my benediction…

Yours Robag… as: ” s Röllchen”