Tolga Fidan – Venice/Tanbulistan (VA014)

Explainable only by a profuse amount of talent, Tolga Fidan blazed into the collective techno consciousness with his first EP “Now I’m Weak” delivering sophistication and unbelievable production quality from bedroom studio means. Now exactly one year after his debut, our young Parisian presents the double A side ´Venice/Tanbulistan´, his second release for Vakant and the rest of the universe.

Tolga’s sophomore affair brings us the same level of quality and dance floor stimulus while alluding to sounds from the East, perhaps taking a page from label mate Onur Özer’s book. Both ´Venice´ and ´Tanbulistan´ move forward with a thick heave of funky drive, while resisting association with any one genre. Pulling influences from boundless borders the sound collage that is left expands and contracts while always chugging forward. The mood of the tracks morph and evolve many times throughout the release, from dark, to direct, to spacey, to playful, and back again.

If Chalum and Wuher had better taste and a future equivalent to a Funktion One sound system, ´Venice/Tanbulistan´ would be playing at Mos Eisley Cantina instead of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.