Mathias Kaden – Myal EP (VA015)

Our man from Gera, with a smile that melts the hearts of Justin Timberlake fans the world over, returns with his 4th installment on Vakant. Team Vakant’s now infamous wild expeditions to the Sub-Saharan Dark Continent as well as to the International Space Station (ISS) have surely paid off yielding crazy mutated fruits of both dark guttural rhythms and mind bending expansive space resonances.

Each track on the Myal EP sits squarely between these two worlds, one earthly, one cosmic beyond the grasp of human comprehension. Whether your mood is to storm your neighbors village, make contact with the gods, or get your aerobic freak on the dance floor, Mathias “The Chieftain” Kaden digs deep to deliver solid motivation for all tasks worthwhile.

A side ´Rhythma´ at once war cry and rain dance, combines the best of thick Nubian bottom and percussion from the world over to prompt wild tribal behavior from the most reserved of techno nerds. B1 ´Myal´ is particularly suited to inducing thoughts of connection to the divinity of your choosing. Finally B2 ´Obeah´ distinctly supports the current scientific theory that Africa, the birthplace of modern humans, will eventually float off into space and spawn a new breed of humanoids with a particularly striking adaptation of possessing both rhythmic melodic genius and technological fluency. This unique blend of left + right brain mastery is of course a rarity among current earthbound humans with the exception of a select few, such as Mr. Kaden himself.