Alex Smoke – Hanged Man EP (VA013)

Freak Funk? Cracker Krunk? Mini Dank House? While we don’t know what to call it, we know it´s damn good. Innit? Ok ok, while filed under “minimal techno” for facilitation of mass consumption, don’t assume you know what to expect from this newest installment from young Scotsman Alex Smoke, the first on Vakant since December 2005 under his O.G. moniker. Since slapping the minimal scene on the proverbial arse a few years ago with releases on Vakant and Soma, Alex has wowed both techno nerds and high heel handbag femmes the world over with his formidable mix of throw-me-your-expensive-bra-but-only-if-its-sweaty techno.

The “Hanged Man EP“ spans the current avant-garde of electronic dance freakishness. The A side attempts to contain “It’s a Carni Life“, a deep 10 minute motivator placed somewhere between “Space Odyssey” and “I need Lithium”. “Hanged Man“ on the flip presents a more straight forward digital funk ordeal hinting at, but dares not say, acid. Finally “Rotwang“, named after the mad scientist out of Fritz Lang´s “Metropolis”, makes you wonder if someone had transported you to your favorite summer festival at exactly the right moment without you noticing.

While one might not understand our favorite Glaswegian verbally, Smoke continues to leverage his classical roots and technical fluency to convey his bottomless ideas effortlessly.