Onur Özer – Red Cabaret EP (VA012)

  1. va012 Red Cabaret (Overture)
  2. Orion
  3. Allegro Energico

There’s a saying in poker “If you can’t tell who the sucker at the table is then it’s probably you”. What does this have to do with this release, very little actually, but all eyes should be on Onur Özer as he’s doubling up.. and if you think he¹s playing the same hand as last time then your about to lose your pants..

Music stripped to the bottom line but going for the all in. Onur goes for the pot, pushing and pulling every string and trick he’s got. This is a tight chugging back bone of a number. dispensing of anything unnecessary he grabs the essence of forward moving minimal to etch it into vinyl.

Red Cabaret (Overture) on the A side comes along with a warm, slanky tribal rhythm, and grows into a 5 alarm burnout, slightly uncharacteristic for Onur but still stamped with his trademark tactics. Tight shifting sounds, off kilter howls swirl through the mix and put you right in line with this pro’s mind.

Orion and Allegro Energico on the flip show the brute force of Onur’s production as he goes deep into late night territory. This time a truly different approach for Onur; straight, chugging with an old school flavor but still firmly rooted in today’s minimal canon. It’s dark, melancholic, Chicago affair with foggy and treacherous corners to lose yourself in.

Twilight (Re-Edit) is perfectly rounding up this mutant funk package and will be available on Beatport.com only. This edit is known to these who were lucky to attend Onur´s appearance at 2006´s Loveparade when he played it to introduce his set at the Siegessäule. An early version has also been featured on Onur and Mathias´ Momentum compilation.

Onur is currently working on his debut album which is due to release in May 2007.