Onur Özer – Kaşmir Remixes #2 (VR05)

The mind melt keeps melting. Pretty soon we will just be puddles of freaky essential oils, reduced down to our effervescent essence, like jasmine, or dry Kool-Aid. Of course we are talking about Onur Özer’s album Kaşmir, the gift that keeps on giving.

Once again renowned artists have come out in full force reworking selected tracks off Onur’s album for Vakant’s remix-only VR. First up is Mr. Rajko Müller, better known as Isolée, who having spent some time growing up in Algeria, continues with the African remixer theme (Tunisian born Loco Dice remixed “Eclipse” on part 1. You know us, as if we even need an excuse to work in Africa somehow.) Isolée takes Onur’s otherwise chilling “Innervoice” and reinterprets it into a thick warm blanket of reassuring bounce.

Flipping the record inverts dimensions of time and space. Abyssfully deep legend Baby Ford takes the already ethereal “Aida” and turns it into the soundtrack for finding the God particle. It’s scary, yes, but ultimately it could explain everything.