Onur Özer – Kaşmir Remixes (VR04)

  1. vr04 Onur Özer – Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
  2. Onur Özer – Sahara (Jens Zimmermann Remix)

Hot off the heels of Onur Özer’s most excellent mind melt album Kaşmir, released October of 2007, comes the reinterpretations on Vakant’s VR division. Wonderfully thought out, VR handles remixes exclusively leaving Vakant itself pure to its artists. This constellation leaves everyone free to the corruption of their fancy, allowing the artists to choose their own remixers.

With Onur, finding willing interpreters is not a difficult task and the heavy of the heavies representing the light and dark sides of the force are here on VR04. On the A side Loco Dice, aka Tunisian born Yassine Ben Achour, takes Onur’s instrument laden ‘Eclipse’ and puts it through the treatment. What comes out the other end is popping state-of-the-art tech house with Onur’s depth and Loco Dice’s spontaneous flow.

On the flip things get serious. Jens Zimmermann, the deep, deep, freak out master hailing from Frankfurt, contributes his own spin on ‘Sahara’. What already started out as a tweaked out twilight adventure gets even more spacey. Sitting somewhere between Cologne’s Studio 1, post intergalactic colonization, and seventh century Silk Road somewhere around Uzbekistan, his 15 minute “Wüstenmond” (Desert Moon) remix lives in its own antimatter reality.