Onur Özer/Mathias Kaden – 2000 And One/Daniel Stefanik Remixes (VR03)

  1. vr03 Red Cabaret (2000 And One Remix)
  2. Synkope (Daniel Stefanik Remix)

Vakant, based in the shadowy hedonic capital of Berlin, once again calls out to its sunlight fearing brood to unite and rejoice in their salvation. The freaky dual podium of Vakant and remix-only Vakant R continues to deliver its message of solemn tomfoolery and whimsical gravity with its latest VR03.

While some purveyors of truth dilute their central message with foreign remix filler, the head of Vakant, Il A. Papino, proclaimed “Let there be VR” and as such Vakant R was born from the rib of Vakant original productions.

Third in Vakant R’s installment of virtuous interpretations, these remixes stand on their own with sincere reverence to their original creations. On our man from Istanbul Onur Özer’s ‘Red Cabaret’ is paid homage by Amsterdam’s Dylan Hermelijn aka 2000andone, by some means pushing the corpulent funk ever skyward. Flipping the black disk finds Jena’s Mathias Kaden’s ‘Synkope’ taken to deeper depths of murky understanding by Leipzig’s Daniel Stefanik.

Trust in Vakant. The message is clear.