Nico Purman – Tuesday EP (VA017)

Fresh talent has joined the Vakant Berlin Boys Tec Team (VBBTT). Argentinean Nico Purman, drummer and no stranger to the world’s dark throbbing dance floor scene, brings us a release nothing short of spontaneous combustion.

A-side ´Tuesday´ takes perhaps the most direct approach to dark loud strobo room stimulation seen in some time from the perspective of deep expanding techno. Taking classic clues from no frills techno history, Nico takes things way further with a sound all his own, vast and bottomless. At once thick and enveloping, ´Tuesday´ ferries you on an outing to a submarine rave whether you remember getting on the boat or not.

B-side ´Muela Pain´, also not for those faint of heart or easily unhinged, could be easily placed in some of Kubrik’s darker cinematic moments. ´Muela Pain´ foreshadows impending doom in a way that a wall of speakers could ever hope to. It is at once dubby, clinical, heavy, and just plain freaky.

Just in time for the cold, dark indoor season, VA017 is here to happily assist in your winter downward spiral.