Mathias Kaden – Studio 10 Remixes #3 (VR08)

The third and final remix package for Mathias Kaden’s masterpiece album ‘Studio 10’ comes along with two reworks of Mathias’ Vakant label mates Onur Özer and DeWalta.

Onur Özer’s ‘Hâre Remix’, a massive, bass driven rework for Kaden`s ‘Chazz’, takes the
track to a deeper, more jazzy level, until it fades out with a dreamy yet abstract melody after
11 minutes and counting.

David Koch aka DeWalta takes on ‘Ikenga’ (an African god of time, success and
achievement), which is surely Kaden’s most played track of the album. David maintains the
acidic vibe of the original, adds his very own funk and sends the track back to the dance

To top of this journey through the Vakant universe, you can find a digital exclusive remix on
Beatport, Whatpeopleplay and co.: DeWalta’s Stompy Remix.