Livio & Roby – Moduri EP (VA035)

To kick off 2011 Vakant presents Romanian rising stars Livio & Roby, the first new artists to join the label since 2008. After cutting their teeth on some of the biggest labels and world stages, Livio & Roby impart their excellent deep funk laden grooves on their first record for the perfectionist House of Vakant.

A side ‘Hatzumoto Song’ is nothing short of a siren song seducing any passerby or dance
floor reveler, ship wrecking them on Livio & Roby’s divine private island. Deeply organic yet
firmly routed in tech funk, the track floats effortlessly across time and dimension with
perfectly sculpted groove and ambience.

Gracing the B side ‘Moduri’ picks things up a bit with a classic upbeat – downbeat house
rhythm while strange and eluding synths carry Livio & Roby’s now signature flow of musical
zest and smile inducing body motivation.

Finally the digital only ‘Resoftescu’ completes the 35th installment of Vakant’s life
companion series with the push-pull of dark moody synths and uplifting acoustic piano
chords. Combined with the steady cadence of tasteful percussion, the sounds melt to
produce a gliding mélange of soothing beauty.