Nico Purman – Visions EP (VA036)

The ever evolving ever inspiring Argentinean turned Berliner musical talent that we call our Nico Purman, once again honors the House of Vakant with his latest disco inspired offering to the Gods entitled Visions EP.

In such a short period of time Nico has come so far both physically and meta-musically.
Within just a few releases one can easily hear him developing, maturing, and mastering his
chosen art medium. From the mechanical tech funk of his Tuesday EP (VA017) and
Euphrasia EP (VA025), to the space jazz masterpiece that was Rhapsodies (VA032), his first
step toward disco was in fact with his contribution ‘Xpress Yourself’ to the Family Values
compilation (VA034).

With Visions EP, once again Nico effortlessly transgresses whatever style he wishes and
makes it his own. Taking a few pages from the book of disco as well as a touch of Chicago
and a pinch of early New York house, Nico both tips his hat to those influences as well as
taking things several steps further to create something completely original.