Onur Özer – Twilight EP (VA008)

  1. va008 Twilight
  2. Gizeh
  3. Lotus

Onur Özer was rated one of Groove Magazine´s up and comers for 2005, now he returns with another stellar EP for Vakant. At only 25 years old the minimal assailant is back to claim another dance floor victim.  Already broken in on the dance floors of his residency at Indigo Music Hall in Istanbul the Twilight EP is sure to put you in your place. So sit down and pay attention!

With the Twilight EP, Onur once again demonstrates why he is the master of the new funk. Every corner opens up into a new space, with efx washes covering you like a blanket made of sharp glass. Forget 3D, we´re into the age of 4th dimensional minimal, the past and the future seen perfectly at the same time. But like the time before the sun falls you never know what´s going to happen when it really gets dark. Side A is where you need to check out if you need crunchy but smooth madness, drop it like it´s hot at anytime of night and you will see it works better than donkey drowned in vodka on a high mountain road. Onur manages to capture a sound that can change it´s shape or form depending what it´s played next to and this EP is no exception. Like a good wine though it fits with almost everything, so drink up and have a sonic feast. Edgy, raw and tactic every track on the Twilight EP is exploding at the edges with explosive power. It will drop you in deep space with no ticket back. Terrific brainwashing, with a patina of grit makes this one for you and the family..