Mathias Kaden – Pentaton EP (VA007)

The young gun is back and is # 1 with a bullet. After his fabulous Circle Pit EP ; the much talked about newcomer Mathias Kaden is putting his money where his mouth is with this monster EP. The Pentaton EP is another twisted rumble through dark and bleepy terrain. This time Mathias steps up the swing and shuffles you furiously around the room like a drunk sailor on a sinking ship. Deep bleep to move the most hardened partyier. Check!

Pentaton is a drunken tribal broken beep affair. Someone fire this drummer because he¹s off the hook. Moving bass lines keep him in time and slowly you
realize where it’s all going. Swing low Sweet Cadillac..

Train is a more sparse affair, straight and narrow like an arrow to the forehead with enough sub-bass to make your pants full. A perfect tool for when it’s time to go a bit later and a bit darker.. Turn out the lights andclose your eyes.

Next up.. Spank, this it what happens when you get dropped on your head as a child. Super weirdo funk for only the most mature and twisted of us all. But don’t turn away too fast there bird brain, listen for the micro funk elements and get busy by yourself in front of the mirror. Tonight we have a date with the dance.

Overall a blistering ep from a very hot talent!