Robag Wruhme – Stekkrüben EP (VA002)

  1. va002 Stekkrübe
  2. Waffelekkspander
  3. Gnomon Lukks

Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme. What more can be said of this man responsible for lighting dance-floors and minds on fire for the better part of 2004. The Twisted, funky legend from Jena is back, and this time he´s delivering 3 tracks of cut up, hypnotic funk like never before. Purveyor of the goods is Berlin upstart label vakant who only a few months ago exploded onto the scene with a killer Alex Smoke EP : Simple Things..

Coming at you faster than Vodka fireball, is the Stekkrueben EP. This is Robag Wruhme´s dark winter magic. Smooth hypnotic sequences and trademark Robag edits, jerk and jostle you through micro cuts and dark dubs until you slip deep into the hidden groove.

A1 “Waffelekspander” is the prime cut: raw, meaty with a strong after taste. A nice slow building groove that shrinks and stretches the folds of time, dipping into warm sub basses and thrilling with moody reverbs and small sample cuts. Smooth and stable it¹s a track that everyone will hear in a
different way .. But wait there¹s something funny in the meat. It might just be track B1 “Stekkruebe” which comes on similar but veers into a much darker territory where silence is as precious as sound. The perfect track to transition into those early morning dancing hours B2 “Gnomon Lukks” ping
pongs its way through your brain, slowly spinning you round while it´s chunky bass line sneaks under your feet. Again the groove is hidden, but pulls it self together to deliver a strong sucker punch to the gut .. All in all, a commanding EP that demands attention, smart, confident and most of all fun ..