Nico Purman – Rhapsodies (VA032)

Nico Purman, our Argentinean (soon to be Berlin based) drumline captain and all around groove slinger is back for his third instalment on the marching band in the sky that we call our Vakant home.

Purman’s sound continues to evolve, covering truly large distances with every release. Since his robostrobe inspired earlier Vakant works Tuesday EP (VA017) and Euphrasia EP (VA025), Nico drops 3 large-and-very-much-in-charge space jazz masterpieces that he fermented in what sounds like a midnineties New York house basement.

First up is ‘Why What’ where Nico sets the free-flowing rhapsodic mood that covers so much ground with one track. Starting in what sounds like Tenaglia’s beloved Chelsea, the track slowly moves uptown landing at the Blue Note where Rollins, Monk, and Roach sit in on the session.

‘Funk Forest’ follows with more pep and less mood. Upbeat and popping percussion blend with Rhodes while a diva whispers in your ear until late seventies Hancock shows up with his synth and brings the hands way up.

‘Chamomile’ finishes the EP off in style. Moody while maintaining the jazz feel, “Chamomile” peaks
with futuro baritone sax and piano in unison. Smooth and steady all the way.