DeWalta – The Antiparallel EP (VA039/antiparallel01/antiparallel02)

This Ep was formed with a concept in mind that involves a natural phenomenon occurring in various/different fields of science and nature – Anti-parallelism.

As the word suggests, anti-parallelism describes the natural relationship between two occurrences, objects or even non-material things, that are virtually identical and yet oriented in different directions. During the time the music was made I was researching natural phenomenons like this one. Naturally, this became part of the nucleus, fabric and inspiration for this work.

In genetics, for example, if the “antiparallelity” is corrupted during the process of DNA replication it is called a mutation. This mutation can be anything from totally inconsequential to critical for the
survival of the whole living organism. A double helix of DNA contains two helixes, that are naturally
anti-parallel to one another.

In physics this could be two of the same objects moving through space and time in opposite
directions – just like the instruments or parts of a beat in electronic music production. So
metaphorically speaking, anti-parallelism holds a natural balance to keep it safe and stable.
Although this might sound all very conceptual and theoretical this music is obviously just what it is –

It is not intended to teach math, physics or biology in any way. The above mentioned aspect has
simply found its way through my head and might have led to a piece of music that somehow, at least
for me, is connected to these thoughts. It might evoke something very different for you.

I am entirely thankful for life, love, music and the support of the people around me.

Thanks for listening!
David Koch, DeWalta