Jeremy & Walker – Bedouin EP (VA042)

“The Essence of ‚Bedouin’ came from a long studio jam. While jamming I told Walker of an experience I had after visiting my parents in Dubai. I returned home and played at Watergate until early morning, I felt overwhelmed from what I had seen in one day: the skyscrapers of Dubai, the stunning beauty of the desert, the return home.

Everything seemed so surreal, Walker had lived in Santa Fe and knew the power of the desert. We spoke of how nomads & Bedouins lived with a great lack of permanence and commented how DJ’s & musicians are similar. Eventually we jammed all night, developing the hook while Walker added detail and instrumentation. We barely spoke. At the end, we sat silently and agreed “there’s our ‚Bedouin’.”

Jeremy P Caulfield

The idea for ‚After the Eclipse’ arrived in my brain while playing an after party in San Francisco. The spot looked out towards the downtown skyline. As the party progressed, the moon rose and a lunar eclipse became the sublime backdrop for our gathering. Back in Berlin I transcoded the feelings and thoughts into a sketch. At this point Jeremy and I were deep into finishing Bedouin and hitting our stride in the studio. Our conversations from years together had become a shared musical framework, causing the sketch to evolve fairly effortlessly. We passed sessions back and forth elaborating and then distilling. After separate New Years escapades, we merged the directions until finally, ‚After the Eclipse’ jumped out of the monitors.

Walker Barnard