Avatism – Constants EP (VA045)

Unusually for a record (for me, at least), “Constants” collects tracks written in four very different moments in time: some are recent —  so recent I’ve only had the opportunity to play them out just a handful of times — while others are over one year old. I really wish the story behind this EP would be a bit more interesting so this text could completely blow your mind but I’m afraid there were no dragons, no sex, no drugs and definitely no rock’n’roll involved. All four were mostly produced by me while sipping coffee and wearing boxer shorts in front of a computer.

I could somehow try to describe the music on here but it would probably take less for you to give it a listen. However, if you happen to be one of the humans that prefer reading about music, you might want to wait a little bit longer: hopefully some smart blogger will skip through the SoundCloud previews for you and describe them in detail using words he learned a few minutes prior to posting it on the internet.

Anyway, I’m really happy to see these finally out, especially on a label I have always looked up to like Vakant. I really used to think Smoke, Kaden and Ozer were aliens at some point. Hopefully you will enjoy this music as much as I loved writing and playing it out.


PS: I was kidding about the blogger thing. Bloggers, I love you.