Premiesku – Pe Dos EP (VA057)

Sitting down and writing about our latest EP was a fun but challenging exercise, we scratched our heads and this may sound bad but we couldn’t think of deep, dark interesting stories on how we made these tracks or what they represent. These jams are simply a combination of previous and random happy accidents that have come together and saying anything else would be a lie. This however does not mean that the thinking behind them is completely random, the three cuts that we selected for this EP we feel are a journey of experimentation and a culmination of unexpected sounds and feelings. A word that we found best described the EP was ‘Irony’.

The most ironic thing we feel is that the main basis of these tracks were born on the stage during our live performances and they have now been reworked and moulded into a record. We however feel that this brings an interesting element to the EP that yes it is recorded and set, but you are not quite sure where the next sound or feeling will come from. A hi hat? A kick? It is pure ‘organised randomness’…

I suppose we should talk about some of the music and try and explain what we mean! We start with ‘Pe dos’, which in plain English means inside out and it was a track that we had started back in 2011. We were flicking through our ‘curiosity closets’ one day and found it, we played around with it and heard a kick drum that was not arranged correctly in the sequence due to a random manipulation of the sequencer. Our first thought was to just change it, but then we decided to wait….. when all the other sounds of the tracks came together we threw the kick back in and BAM, Even the acapella voice of the track was screaming. Therefore it was a simple for us to name this track as we worked on it in a completely back to front and “Inside Out” way!

The other two tracks on the EP were born in a similar way, reborn again out of the dark corners of our packed ‘curiosity closet’. The track ‘Noococ’ is perhaps the track with the most irony on the EP. Having been made originally after an amazing gig at Amnesia in Ibiza in 2012, we were in a recording frame of mind which gave the song its basis but we would still play it within our live shows. ‘Noococ’ has been therefore from recorded track, to live and now back to recorded in a quite weird but groovy journey. The final track, ‘Trandafirit’ has no such meaning. It is again a raw track stemming our live show some time ago that inspired us to recreate and retouch. Again through experiments and lots of head banging on walls, we recreated and accomplished a track that stayed true to the original writing of it but also embodied change which in a way is symbolic of the development of our project over the years.

Now, we did warn you at the beginning of this wordy mess that it has been ‘organised randomness’ that has brought us to create these tracks and this EP, but one thing we are sure about is that we knew we would love to and be very honoured is to be able to put out this collection of cuts via Vakant. A label that has been close to our hearts and heads for a long time. We hope you enjoy the EP and that the music can help translate some of the shit above.

Much Love!
Livio, Roby & George