Cesare vs Disorder – Vortex to Unreason (VA061)

It’s not a simple thing to write about your own tunes. Your concept is innate, the music itself is in your mind and comes out as a natural flow, talking about it is a different thing.

This time I wanted to come up with something different for my new EP on Vakant. Something unexpected for the ones who know Cesare vs Disorder’s sound. I wanted to make a few tunes that reminded me about those lost feelings of the 90s, when electronic music was made not only for the clubs but also for the soul and the mind, not directly for a purpose but as a natural answer to time and space. After the classic “orientation” battle with head-honcho Alex we finally agreed on these tunes “Vortex” and “Unreason”, one I would say more spaced out and heavy orientated, the other almost resembling those Electronica times when I really enjoyed flying with my brain and my emotions.

We finally also agreed to add a couple of remixes of Vortex by Romanian rising star Cristi Cons and Italian talent Fango. They both delivered unique stellar interpretations and I am happy to present the project to the world.