DeWalta – Salgaro/Farina (VA021)

Like a proper immigrant family enjoying the life of culturally greener pastures, the Vakant family continues to grow in Berlin. Closely following the exponential trend of mergers and acquisitions in the Multi National Corpo Borg, Vakant Heavy Industries signs the third in a series of new talent to the team. Berlin’s DeWalta a.k.a. David Koch, long time friend of Vakant, has completed assimilation into the freaky fold.

David comes from that lofty echelon of actual musicians, having finished his degree in jazz and classically trained in piano and saxophone. He also runs his own label Meander with 2 friends. We don’t know exactly where this 23 year old youngin came from but who cares, the tracks on his debut Vakant EP hit you on the bootay like a studded fraternity hazing paddle on hell week. There aren’t even words we can find to describe the bass presence on this record.

A side ‘Salgaro’ is about as obese as a track can get. It’s happy, it’s huge, it’s pan ethnic, it’s sensitive, it’s irreverent. It’s so good it was immediately used for Onur Ozer’s up coming club DJ mix CD.

On the AA side ‘Farina’ lives. It’s freakier, it’s smoother, it’s quirkier, its cup runs massively over. We are talking insulin shock plump. We can’t even identify which genres it spans. It sounds like the amalgamation of everything currently succulent and lots more that will be.

Much to our chagrin and to the dismay of sound system technicians the world over, soon to be replacing broken woofers, we are quite impressed DeWalta’s Vakant debut indeed.